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Meet the Providers: Tim Cho

In the “Meet the Providers” series, get to know our dedicated clinicians better, learn what brought them to Hope, and find out why they are passionate about serving the community.

As part of his work with Hope, Dr. Imler’s medical students have the opportunity to shadow him at the clinic. Tim Cho, a second-year medical student at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, shares his experience with Hope.

Why were you interested in getting involved at Hope?
“As medical students, we want to get as much clinical experience as we can — and we don’t get much of that in the first two years, since the focus is mostly on the academic side of medicine. We study what can go wrong in the human body, but we don’t get to see it in practice very much yet.

Through a medical student/physician mentorship program at Marian, I was paired with Dr. Imler. When he invited me to join him at Hope, I jumped at the chance.”

How do you think working with Hope make you a better physician in the future?
“My work with the patients at Hope will help me understanding the art of medicine — how to speak with people, establish the relationship, and earn their trust so you can better understand their problems. I can become a medical textbook expert, but speaking with a patient is different.

I also want to learn how to better integrate the patient into their own healthcare journey. The physician should be more of an educator rather than an authority figure. The patient should feel in control. It should be about them. It’s a change for the better in the culture of medicine.  It’s more holistic.”

What does Hope’s mission mean to you?
“There are so many people who fall into this gap — they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid or other subsidies but they can’t afford insurance on their own. In an ideal world, everyone would have healthcare. It’s an essential thing like shelter and food. The fact that it’s not guaranteed is sad, but I’m so glad Hope is here to serve in that gap. No one should have to bankrupt themselves or spend thousands of dollars on healthcare. It’s great that people in the gap can come here, get excellent medical care, and feel cared for in a holistic way.”

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