Community Care Services



Hope Healthcare Services provides access to primary care medical services for individuals and families without health insurance. We call this Community Care. Community Care Services include, but are not limited to, general physical exams, acute and chronic diagnostics and chronic disease management. In addition to primary care medicine, Community Care includes some specialty care services (as service offerings are determined by the specialty and talents of willing, volunteer professionals.) These include gynecology, pediatrics, pulmonology, urology, chiropractic care and physical therapy. Please note, we do NOT provide chronic pain management, trauma care (such as x-rays, casting, orthopedics), emergency medicine, disability evaluations, vision care or surgical services. Medical procedures offered at or through the clinic include EKGs, incision/drainage, first aid/wound care, basic intra-office ultrasound, sleep studies, PAP smears, catheterization and mammography referrals.


Hope Healthcare Community Care provides dental services for those community residents without medical or dental insurance. Dental services include, but are not limited to x-rays, diagnosis, fillings, crowns, extractions, cleanings, oral surgery, dentures and root canals.


Per our mission, we seek to share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ with interested patients. We serve people of any faith, or no faith, and do not compel or coerce anyone to believe the way we do. Spiritual needs can be a leading or lagging indicator of health problems. Volunteer lay counseling is available for patients upon request. We also work alongside licensed, professional counselors who will maintain confidentiality and provide quality Christian counseling for children and adults in the areas of marriage and family, grief, aging issues, and divorce.

Pharmacy and Medication

Hope Healthcare Community Care Services utilizes relationships with area pharmacies to provide low-cost, basic medications. For more costly prescription medicines, we match patients with free medication programs (for which they qualify) available through pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, medication samples are used as a short-term solution, when possible.

Laboratory Testing

Hope Healthcare Community Care Services has a partnership with a local vendor to provide access to medical diagnostic testing at a reduced rate. Lab costs are paid to the clinic at the time of your visit. The blood draw is done at the vendor location. Lab costs vary depending on the test being conducted.


Hope Healthcare Community Care Services has partnered with a local vendor to provide access to imaging and radiology services at a greatly reduced rate for our Community Care Patients. Fees for imaging services are paid to the clinic at the time of your visit and costs vary according to the specific service needed. The imaging service is provided at the vendor location.