How many people …

  1. Make sure they have an annual medical exam?
  2. Consider an annual visit to the doctor a step to being/getting/staying healthy?
  3. Look forward to an annual check-up?
  4. Reflect on how to live healthier and then get input from their doctors?

Not many, statistics show. In fact, statistics show that for the majority of people, seeing a doctor is only done when they are sick or injured. That means years could pass without stepping into a medical facility.


And you know what happens as years pass. We gain weight, we don’t eat nutritionally, we take on bad habits like a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol or drug use, or smoking. And our health suffers. Then all of a sudden, we are having to go to the doctor because, well, we don’t feel good.

What is healthcare?

What do you think about when you hear that word – healthcare? Is it getting into a doctor when you don’t feel well or is it building a relationship with a medical professional so you maintain a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness?

Just think what it would mean if healthcare centered on KEEPING PEOPLE WELL.

                  – Perhaps less chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease

                  – Perhaps less obesity

                  – Perhaps less depression and anxiety

                  + Perhaps better understanding of nutrition and activity

                  + Perhaps stronger, healthier people

                  + Perhaps happier people


It may sound Pollyanna and a little too optimistic, but consider other examples of when people become aware and change their behavior. Thirty years ago, the idea of recycling was new – now it’s not. Twenty years ago, the idea of computers in our hands seemed impossible – now it’s not.

The same can be said about healthcare. With Direct Primary Care, people don’t have to worry about the cost or problems with making an appointment to see a primary care doctor. You see YOUR doctor and build a relationship where your healthcare provider helps you build a lifestyle and well-being that you want. You have a partner who will:

  • help you track your body and numbers – at what level is your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol?
  • help you change your lifestyle to be healthier – are you gaining weight? Smoking?
  • help you confront any changes that are indicative of a health issue – like changes in blood pressure, experiencing fatigue, pain, confusion, or malaise.
  • help you identify what changes in your health mean for YOU.

Ask doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers why …

Why did they go into the medical field? In Hendricks County, Indiana, I know the majority will say to help people … be healthy, confront illness, be happier.

But with the “only see them when I’m sick” mentality, they don’t have the opportunity to do everything they spent years learning. They don’t have the opportunity to help people be healthy.

Contact Hope Healthcare Services about the Direct Primary Care program. It’s not insurance. It’s affordable and it’s for your entire family. Build a healthcare structure that does what you want healthcare to do – keep you and those you love healthy.