This is an unprecedented time for many, to say the least. Here is an update on the current situation at Hope Healthcare Services.

First, thanks to each of you who reached out this week inquiring about the clinic.  We are inspired by the concern that the community has demonstrated toward our mission, and it has especially evident this week. We also appreciate the words of advice and encouragement received from many of you.  Thank you all!

Second, we are staying available to our patients while still maintaining a level of prudence to safeguard our staff, patients, and the community. After consulting with Hope Healthcare’s medical advisory committee, doctors and state agencies, Hope Healthcare will remain open in order to serve those without insurance and prevent (or reduce) unnecessary visits to the ER/urgent clinics. By doing our part, it will decrease the burden on other parts of our medical system.

With that in mind, Hope will be open Monday through Thursday from 9am-3pm until December 1st, 2020. Then, our hours will shift to Mondays & Thursdays from 9am – 5pm and Tuesdays & Wednesdays 11am – 5pm.  Our doors will remain locked during business hours to prevent people walking in and out of our clinic without being screened per CDC guidelines. Medical clinics will still be available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but in an altered fashion, including tele-health visits.  Some volunteer providers are also seeing patients as needed and availability allows. Please know that we will continue to fulfill our patients’ needs in a medically responsible manner.

Before you visit the clinic, please call 317-272-0708.  Leave a message and we will call back.  Please understand we are operating with limited staff.  There may be ways to meet your need without a clinic visit.

The clinic has been cleaned (per CDC protocol) and will continue to be cleaned immediately after each visit–including all surfaces, doorknobs, and equipment.

Our operations and policies may change as new information and/or regulations occur, which we will do our best to inform you.

Finally, what can you do to help?

  1. Pray!!! Not as an act of desperation or panic, but as an acknowledgement that God is still sovereign in all circumstances and that we will continue to trust in Him. More specifically, pray for our staff, patients, and active volunteers that they would be protected from harm, wise in their decisions, and fortified from any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual fatigue.  Pray also for our leaders and all medical professionals as they are under enormous strain.
  2. Take care of yourselves.   Make sure that you are following guidelines to
    • stay home as much as you can
    • wash hands for 20 seconds frequently
    • cough into your shoulder or elbow
    • maintain six feet social distancing if you are with others
    • Isolate yourself if you have any symptoms that are mild.
  1. Here are some resources for you and others in your sphere of influence.
  1. Continue to donate, and, as things clear up, volunteer. ALL charities are in need right now. Donate as much as your pocketbook allows. Hope Healthcare will continue to have needs, especially in light of a potential recession and more people temporarily out of work.  Food banks and shelters are experiencing an increased demand for their services.

We are in this together.