Those of us who suffer from chronic pain face a lot of challenges. Aside from dealing with the distraction and hurt, there may be little hope for relief if you can’t determine what exactly is wrong. But the pain is certainly real! That’s why it needs to be taken seriously. If you don’t seek help for managing your chronic pain, you might soon be facing other health concerns.

Chronic Pain and Disuse Syndrome


When you’re in pain, it’s little wonder that you’re looking to compensate in your mobility. Unfortunately, this can lead to disuse syndrome. When trying to give your painful areas a break, you might just be doing more harm than good. It can even lead to worsening chronic pain, if not addressed in the right amount of time.


Ignoring certain muscle groups can lead to atrophy, and a more sedentary lifestyle can lower the strength and health of your cardiovascular system. That’s one good reason why seeking to remedy your chronic pain issues is so important. Staying active keeps our bodies strong and it helps with our emotional wellbeing, too.


Sleep-Related Chronic Pain Problems


Another side-effect of chronic pain is its link to sleep-related problems. Talk about making matters worse! This is a harsh cycle. When we’re experiencing pain, it can disrupt our sleep. And lack of sleep can then aggravate our chronic pain.


If you’re having trouble falling asleep or you’re constantly waking up throughout the night from chronic pain, don’t ignore these red flags. We all deserve to feel refreshed in the morning. Treating both these sleep symptoms and chronic pain issues can greatly improve your quality of life. There’s little sense in putting off care.


What Can You Do About Chronic Pain?


Because chronic pain is so personal, it’s difficult to offer general advice on how to improve the situation. Everyone’s case is unique. The only way to really start seeing progress with your recovery is to seek professional help. During a consultation, you should be able to pinpoint certain stress factors and other concerns that might be worsening your chronic pain. It’s a conversation worth having sooner than later. So why wait to set up your appointment with a doctor?


Don’t let chronic pain create more health problems for you. See a physician, even if you don’t have health insurance. Affordable medical care is possible for people without insurance through the Community Care program at HOPE Healthcare Services in Avon, Indiana, Hendricks County. Call us at 317-272-0708 for more information.


Disclaimer: The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.