Building Bridges Even Bigger

We are excited about the happenings of 2011 and even more excited to see what God is doing in and through us in 2012. Our dentistry wing is growing! We made a request to A-Dec, a dental equipment manufacturer in Portland, back in 2008-09 when we moved
into our new building.

A few months ago they called and offered us two new dental chairs, hand pieces, lights and a dental cabinet (over $66K in total) that had been used in their showroom. They have recently been installed and are ready for use.

Dental is a bigger need than medical. If a patient has a dental problem, the hospital emergency department is ill equipped to treat the problem. They may give an antibiotic for an infection, or something temporary for the pain and send the patient on his way. We had one patient who admitted pulling three of his teeth at home with pliers before finding help at KCCC.

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